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Hood River Oregon Skiing Slopes for Beginners

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There’s something about racing down fresh, powdery slopes that makes skiing one of the top winter sports. For those who have been doing it as long as they can remember, it’s a passion and a lifestyle. For those just starting out, there’s an excitement in the potential. Effortlessly taking on a Black Diamond during your Hood River stay doesn’t have to remain a dream, but everyone must start somewhere. When you’re in the area and looking to get started in the world of skiing, there are some great Hood River Oregon skiing slopes for beginners to check off on the map.


Pre-Ski Expectations

Even the most conditioned of athletes would be surprised how their first-time skiing somehow awakens muscles they didn’t even know existed. Skiing is a full-body experience that takes core strength, leg muscle integrity and arm stability in order to be successful. Of course, practice is key and over time these muscles develop. As a precaution to avoid unexpected strain, beginners should always take some time to stretch before jumping onto the beginners’ slopes.


Hood River OR Things to Do at Mt. Hood Meadows

Hood River Oregon skiing has amazing learning opportunities available right around the corner at Mt. Hood Meadows. A trip up Easy Rider Chair delivers new skiers directly upon 4-acres of well-groomed terrain adapted to helping beginners learn the basics. Group lessons and private instruction are available for the entire family. Starting out with the essentials will quickly give way to trips up 11 different lifts that provide the best in downhill adventures. With 2,150 acres dedicated to downhill skiing, new skiers have a lot of motivation to get to their lessons.

Just 12-miles away beginner skiers can also take advantage of the Hood River Or things to do at the new-skiers zone dedicated to learning and ski-education at Cooper Spur Mountain Resort. Owned by Mt. Hood Meadows, this resort provides basic training for those looking to eventually make dare devil runs down Black Diamonds during Hood River ski trip getaways.


Brining You Back to Home Away from Home

Learning to ski is a fun and thrilling adventure but one that often leads to end-of-the-day fatiguing. Give those new-found muscles a rest by relaxing in an exquisite mountain-side vacation home! At the end of the day, you’ll want a place to retreat to that delivers the ultimate in luxury, comfort and care. The professionals at Arrived expertly match you up with the vacation rental you’re looking for to fit your every need. Contact us today to plan your next Hood River getaway and to learn more about Hood River OR things to do!

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