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The Mesquitery Restaurant and Bar

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Hood River, Oregon is well-known for being a gorgeous destination perfect for outdoor exploration. Nature enthusiasts love the fact that Hood River offers up unforgettable Gorge views alongside the possibility for mountainside adventures. A year-round fan favorite location, Hood River also hosts some delicious dining opportunities for those visiting the area. Well-loved by locals, The Mesquitery Restaurant and Bar is a comfortable and tasty stop when you’re looking for a place to replenish your energy after a day out in Hood River.


Family-Style Dining

Well-established in the Hood River community, the Mesquitery Restaurant has made a name for itself as a cozy getaway where friends and family can commune over a delicious meal. Since it first opened its doors in 1988, the Mesquitery has been pleasing palates and putting savory selections on the table for all to enjoy. Complete with plush booths and large, comfortable tables for gathering with a group, a trip to the Mesquitery means a mouth-watering meal and casual atmosphere to create culinary memories. When you walk through the front door, expect a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere. The staff at the Mesquitery in Hood River is always happy to see new faces and recognizes that their long-time status in Hood River is very much based on the strong relationships built with locals along the way!


A Mesquite Masterpiece

The highlight and namesake of the Mesquitery is the impressive Mesquite grill that lets guests keep an eye on their Chef as dishes are prepared and the fiery, finishing touches are carefully placed. Cooked to personalized perfection, every meat-based plate at The Mesquitery is a dedicated endeavor in providing first-class customer service with flair. There’s something about witnessing your delicious dish make its way from kitchen counter to dining room table that makes your time at the Mesquitery feel like a home-cooked adventure.


Tasty Delights at the Mesquitery in Hood River

A vast and hearty selection of home-style meals makes an evening out at the Mesquitery in Hood River hard to resist! Starters range from a savory selection of chips and salsa to nachos, garlic bread or shrimp cocktail. Moving onto the main course guests will find an opportunity to choose between BBQ wings, pizza, chicken salad and clam chowder. For those looking to add a bit of Italian zest to their dinner plate, pasta options provide fettuccine alfredo or pesto as well as soba noodles. When it’s time to take advantage of the dessert menu, guests will find a way to satisfy their sugar craving when asked to decide between the Swedish cream or homemade cheesecake.

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