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Cebu Lounge

Where a sports bar vibe and water-front viewing collide, the concept of Cebu Lounge comes to life in Hood River. Renowned for its exclusive status as the city’s only waterfront bar, this full-service establishment brings the residents of Hood River and visitors alike together to enjoy the scenic views and a vast selection of food and beverages.


Sports and Selections

Whether it’s the biggest game of the year or an everyday match up, Cebu Lounge in Hood River is known for keeping the sports channel faithfully turned on whenever guests arrive. A great place for game-day get togethers, Cebu doesn’t stop there. Guests will be pleased to be able to choose from a selection of over 200 wines and beers. For those who appreciate variety, the beer list boasts of a lineup that includes both local and regionally specific draft specialties. Happy Hour runs every weeknight from 4 pm to 6 pm and brings with it a fun and lively atmosphere you won’t want to miss!


Happy Hour Highlights at Cebu Lounge

At Cebu Lounge in Hood River, Happy Hour doesn’t just mean reduced priced drinks, it also means a large selection of food items to choose from when it comes to satisfying your dinner-time cravings. A house or beet salad is the perfect way to get started. Follow that up with choices ranging from friend calamari to tempura cod as well as goat cheese pizza and pulled-pork sandwiches. No matter what you decide to order, you won’t want to miss trying a taste of the house made chips and salsa. A plate of mac-n-cheese or carnitas tacos will kick your Happy Hour meal selection up a notch when you’re looking to mix traditional favorites with a Cebu twist.


Specialty Drinks

Creative cocktails are the perfect pairing for a night on the patio overlooking the waterfront. When you stop by Cebu, you’ll want to taste the carefully crafted drinks that the dedicated staff claims as their own. For a fresh take on a vodka-based favorite, try ordering a Watermelon Cosmo. Served chilled to highlight the fresh lime and Cointreau, this mix is a refreshing sip to get your evening started off on the right foot. Ordering the Strawberry Habanero Margarita is a flavorful balancing act between the sweet, salty and bold. Ask for the salt-rimmed bucket for a more authentic feel. Those with a nostalgic hankering for old-world style will want to try the Classic Old Fashioned. Served over ice with a cherry on top, this fan-favorite is a whiskey lover’s dream at Cebu Lounge.

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