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Redmond Events: Eagle Crest Winter Concert Series

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Real life often gets in the way of fun stuff. Instead of a pool day, you spend your Saturdays doing chores, and instead of singing along to the music at the concert of your favorite band, you dance as you vacuum and just settle for listening to the music over your Bluetooth speaker. Vacations, however, are for doing whatever you want and leaving responsibilities behind, and Eagle Crest Winter Concert Series, one of our favorite Redmond events, is definitely not a chore!


Held in the Sisters High School Auditorium 1700 McKinney Butte Road

For one night out of the month in January, February, and March, the hills will be alive with the sound of folk music, but this isn’t your father’s folk music from the 60s. Featuring guitars and cellos, banjos and violins, the sweet notes played here dance in the cold winter’s night air. If you have never been a fan of folk music, give it a chance; you never know what chord a song can touch if you never give it a try.


What to Expect During These Redmond Oregon Events

This year’s schedule hasn’t been announced yet, but in previous years the energetic music of Josh Ritter & the Royal City Band performed, playing the best of the music he has performed for over 20 years, including his newest album, “Gathering.” The deep subjects covered in song and the funky beat of the cello give an added dollop of wonderful to every performance. Last year’s guests, We Banjo 3, featured an exciting blend of Irish music and bluegrass with three banjos and a dancing violin, telling stories in the hauntingly beautiful way the Irish have for centuries. Having played for President Obama in 2016, their music speaks to the hearts of everyone they play for. And finally, another of last year’s favorite bands was Darlingside, a group of four young men who we think have exciting futures as they sing about the past and dream about what is yet to come. These are just some of the musicians who have played in the past; we are excited to see what the future brings for the Winter Concert Series!


Dancing Home with the Notes Lingering in Your Mind

As the last note fades away, heading home to the comfort of your Arrived Now cozy cottage will take away the sting that accompanies the end of the music. Date night can continue with an impromptu slow dance in the living room, a glass of wine on the deck, and a smile and a hug before turning down the covers for a long night’s sleep in cloud soft beds. Contact us to learn more about Redmond Oregon events and to reserve your next vacation rental today!

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