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Smith Rock State Park

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After living in Oregon nearly our entire lives, we still wake up every morning in awe of the beauty that we get to see just outside our windows. Peaceful, tranquil, and breathtaking, we know how lucky we are to be right here, right now. Our lives are busy, but we try to spend as much time as possible outside in the midst of all that beauty, and on many a Saturday morning you will find us exploring the beauty of Smith Rock State Park. Located in Terrebonne, not far from your own Arrived Now luxury vacation escape, we hope that you take the time during your once in a lifetime Oregon getaway to pop in and explore its wonders yourselves.


What to Expect During Your Visit to Smith Rock Park

The first thing that will strike you as you enter the boundaries of this magnificent park is the sheer majesty of your surroundings. Jagged cliffs stand guard over idyllic vistas complete with lush greenery, the occasional wildflower, and in the center, a tranquil river runs through it all, adding to the overall peace. Everywhere you turn, you find something new and thrilling to enjoy, like hiking trails, biking trails, and even rock climbing on the cliffs that sprout out of the landscape around you.

Pack a picnic and hike in, enjoying the meal you prepared by the river flowing quietly; no one will blame you if you take a nap after. Bring your poles and sit tranquilly on the banks catching tonight’s dinner. Golden eagles, prairie falcons, and beavers will be happy to keep you company as you fish. Other animals you can expect to see in Smith Rock State Park include river otters, mule deer, and a variety of colorful birds, so don’t forget to bring a camera and/or binoculars to ensure you don’t miss anything. Your pictures will be the talk of the town when you return to real life!

There is a day use fee for the privilege of visiting the Smith Rock Park. Parking permits are sold by the day for $5, by the year for $30, and a two-year pass can be purchased for $50 at


Ready for Relaxation?

Spending the days climbing, hiking, biking, or fishing at Smith Rock State Park will mean that by nightfall, you will definitely be ready for the comforts that await you in your Arrived Now vacation cabin. Offering luxury amenities and views that rival the ones you saw in your day at the park, you’ll be eager to return home at the end of each vacation day. Contact us to reserve your vacation rental today!

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