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Eagle Crest Snowboarding

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Although every season is the perfect time to visit Eagle Crest, the extra shimmer the snowy days of winter add to the landscape that surrounds us makes your winter vacation more memorable than you dreamed it could be. A variety of winter sports allow you to experience the beauty of nature as you compete with yourself and others flying down the slopes of Mt. Bachelor, either on skis, sleds, or on a snowboard. Whichever way you choose to get to the bottom of the mountain, you’ll be guaranteed to have the time of your life, but today, we’re going to discuss the joys of snowboarding, one of our Redmond activities!


Redmond Activities Not Just for the Young

In the early days of snowboarding, one of the most popular Redmond activities, it wasn’t unusual to find the slopes filled with younger children and teens whooping it up on boards, much to the displeasure of the older skiers who just couldn’t understand the appeal. Today, however, winter sports enthusiasts of all ages are flocking to Mt. Bachelor, eager to show off their skills and prowess on a mountain that is now considered a dream resort for both skiers and boarders. Beginner boarders can practice their skills on the northeast side of the mountain, away from the more experienced sportsmen and women, without fear of being ridiculed.


Over 4000 Acres

It’s true that bigger doesn’t always mean better, but it’s nice to know there are so many acres to practice your sport during your stay. Every day and every trail bring something different for snowboarders. There will be no boredom during your snowboarding adventures, only thrills, excitement, and wonder at the beauty of the mountain. For those who are traveling light and haven’t brought their own equipment, the rental shop atop Mt. Bachelor offers everything you need to be safe, have fun, and practice your skills. Reasonably priced and easily accessed, their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, making it worth every penny you spend. If you’ve never boarded before, but think it might be something fun to try, the ski school on Mt. Bachelor offers both kid and adult snowboarding lessons in groups, or private lessons if you’re willing to pay a little more.


Rest, Relax, and Soak

As you make your final run down the slopes of Mt. Bachelor with the sun setting in a ball of flame behind the mountain, don’t be surprised if your thoughts turn towards the hot tub back at your cozy Eagle Crest condo. It’s cold outside and you’ve been using muscles you don’t normally use; a good soak is the cure for all that ails you—especially when that hot tub is located on the deck with views that never end. Contact us to learn more about Redmond activities and to reserve your vacation rental today!


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