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Eagle Crest Skiing

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If you’ve never before experienced the thrill of flying down the slopes under a clear blue sky, feeling the wind kiss your cheeks, there is never going to be a better time to try than during your unforgettable Eagle Crest vacation in Oregon. Located in the shadow of Mt. Bachelor, the 101 runs and over 4000 acres of land are perfect for skiing, one of our favorite Redmond Oregon activities. The only thing better than hitting the slopes will be relaxing in comfort and style in your Arrived Now luxury rental!


Opening Day in 1958

The history of any ski resort is always fascinating, but we have a special affinity to the one at Mt. Bachelor, of course. Opening on a cold December day in 1958, Mt. Bachelor’s resort didn’t come close to resembling what is there today. The one tow rope and one lift found on the slopes that day have morphed into one of the largest ski resorts in the nation today. We often have to wonder if Bill Healy, the founder, ever imagined his simple dream of a ski resort in Oregon would grow to be this magnificent.


Everything You Need for a Thrilling Day of Redmond Oregon Activities on the Slopes

Whether you are an experienced skier anxious to hit the most challenging trails (the black runs) or have never touched a set of skis in your life and are nervous about surviving the bunny slopes (also known as the green runs), the amenities at Mt. Bachelor offer everything you’ll need for your ski trip to Eagle Crest. Offering ski lessons, both private and group, and for adults or children, beginning skiers will soon feel comfortable carving your way through the powder. For visitors traveling light, you can rent your equipment on Mt. Bachelor, or at many of the ski rental stores found throughout Bend and Sunriver. Village Bike and Ski, located at 57100 Beaver Drive #21, is one of our favorites, but ALL the shops in town offer excellent service!

As you begin to spend more time on the mountain, you will gradually find yourself discovering all the quirks and idiosyncrasies that make Mt. Bachelor such a wonderful spot for skiers of all skill levels. The northeast side of the mountain is best for beginners, but as you ascend to the summit, the same side of the mountain provides the most challenging runs. If you’re a novice, however, you won’t have to worry about ending up on a run that is above your skill level; the runs are all well marked, and your first lesson will involve the difference between the green and the black difficulty levels.


That Last Ride to the Top is Always a Cold One

You’re tired, you’re wet (from your many falls), and you are starting to feel as if you have bruises on your tenderest spots, so it’s only natural that you start to think longingly of the roaring fire in your Arrived Now vacation escape—ESPECIALLY on that last long ride to the peak of the mountain. And as you turn into the driveway after your long day of skiing adventures, the lights you left burning welcome you home to warmth, elegance, and peace. Contact us to learn more about Redmond Oregon activities and to reserve your vacation rentals today!


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