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Tumalo State Park

15 minutes north of downtown Bend, you will encounter one of the most beautiful Oregon state parks. Tumalo State Park is a gorgeous natural attraction where many of Bend’s visitors and locals alike come for a break from the city while not being too far removed from civilization. Learn more below about Tumalo State Park and why you may want to stop here for a visit.


Tumalo State Park: Pristine Natural Beauty close to Bend

Tumalo State Park is located at 64170 O.B. Rile Rd., Bend, OR 97701, northwest of Bend. The park surrounds the Deschutes River within the Deschutes River Canyon.

The park’s position along the Deschutes River gives visitors the opportunity to see alpine lakes, explore trails for mountain biking and hiking, engage in a variety of types of fishing, golf at golf courses close by, and visit iconic mountains like the Cascades and Mt. Bachelor. The fish most commonly caught in Tumalo State Park are brown trout and rainbow trout.

The park is also well-known for its abundant variety of bird species, as well as for being a popular site for picnicking. Spanning over the course of nearly 350 acres, you’ll find no shortage of beautiful sights to see and diverse terrain to explore.

Birdwatchers should keep an eye out for species such as swallows, great blue herons, mountain chickadee, western meadowlark, pygmy nuthatch, hermit thrush, cedar waxwing, and various species of flyctachers, wrens, and warblers. Rare species such as Costa’s Hummingbird, American dipper, and painted bunting, while birds of prey like the great horned owl, bald eagle, and osprey can also be spotted.

For those interested in spotting mammals, a variety of squirrels and rabbits can be found here, as well as coyotes, bobcats, American badgers, black-tailed deer, porcupines, and raccoons.

If you’re searching for Tumalo Falls, you’ll want to take note that the Tumalo Falls are not, despite their name, located within Tumalo State Park.

Day use parking costs a mere $5.00, making it easy and affordable to access Tumalo State Park during your time in Bend. Alternatively, if you’re hiking or biking, it costs $8.00 per person.

Wherever your time in Tumalo State Park takes you, you’re sure to enjoy yourself!


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