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South Sisters Trail

You are vacationing in beautiful Bend, Oregon, and you are looking for a truly challenging hiking trail. Why not try South Sisters Trail, which is the third tallest mountain in Oregon and the highest of the Three Sisters mountains? Although it is very popular, it is recommended that only experience hikers attempt to hike to the peak of this mountain.


Getting to the South Sisters Trail

The trailhead is at Devil’s Lake Camp Ground. In order to get there from Bend you will want to get on Cascade Lakes Highway and drive west until you reach the camp ground which is located just beyond Mt. Bachelor on your South Sisters hike.


The Climb on Your South Sisters Hike

If you decide to take on this challenging hike, be advised that the journey can be daunting. It is very steep, and it is a steady 11-mile climb with many switchbacks. There are loose rocks, lots of sand, and it can be slippery and muddy in the rain. It has a false peak after which you must climb over a crater to the real peak. Although you are allowed to bring leashed dogs, please be advised that there are a lot of drop offs and narrow ridges and holding onto a leash may be dangerous for you and the dog. Some particularly adventurous skiers climb to the top and ski down, as it is known for its long, uninterrupted runs.


The View

By now, you are asking yourself why anyone would subject themselves to this treacherous hike. Well, once you reach the peak you will be able to see almost the entire state of Oregon and some of Washington as well. You will also be able to see the shielded volcano, Three Fingered Jack. You will also be able to tell everyone that you climbed a 4,940-footer.


Where to Stay

If you make it down the mountain in one piece, you are sure to be very tired and in want of a hot shower and soft bed. Why not let the vacation experts at Arrived Now find you the perfect place to stay? We can find you and your fellow adventurers a place where you can make a home cooked meal in a state-of-the-art kitchen and sit by a roaring fire in the living room. After you eat and rest, you can wash off that trail dust with a soak in a hot bath and fall asleep in a comfortable bed draped with fine linen. Book your home online or give us a call at 800-215-9880.

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