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Drake Park in Bend

We are incredibly fortunate here in the Bend area to have some amazing weather, and this means when you visit our town that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend some time in the great outdoors and soak it up! The people of Bend certainly know how to take advantage of this, and they have turned Drake Park into one of the must-see attractions of downtown Bend! Located right in the heart of downtown, Drake Park in Bend is the perfect place to take the whole family out for a day of fun; it’s one place you should make sure to visit on your next Bend vacation.


Right at the Heart of Bustling Downtown

While many from the outside may believe Bend to just be another sleepy mountain vacation town, those who have visited here will know it’s actually quite the opposite! The town of Bend has truly exploded in size and population over the past few years, and right at the heart of it in downtown is Drake Park. Drake Park is a 13-acre park that features nearly a half mile of riverfront, an outdoor stage, picnic areas, and so much more!


Lots of Opportunities for Fishing

With the Deschutes River feeding directly into the Mirror Pond that runs throughout the park, there are plenty of opportunities to use the park for fishing! The Deschutes River is home to a number of species of native fish to the Bend area, and this means the best place to catch them are in quieter areas such as the park.


Plenty of Events Going on Throughout the Year

Because of the location of Drake Park in Bend and the amount of space it contains, it has truly become a hotspot for events in downtown and a great gathering place for the community as a whole. Every single year there are a number of large events held in Drake Park, including the famous 4th of July Pet Parade! The 4th of July Pet Parade has been a tradition in Bend since the 1930’s, and it looks to be bigger and better than ever this year. The park also greatly utilizes the stage that is built in, so you’ll frequently find local artists hosting shows all the time in Drake Park. This is just one of the many events constantly going on, so if you swing by the park, you’ll be sure to find something fun anytime you visit Bend.

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