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Tubing & River Rafting Bend Oregon

So, the kids have just read Huckleberry Finn and they have decided that they want to take a trip down a river on a raft with a salty, yet philosophical and wise companion. However, you have decided to spend your vacation in Bend, Oregon and you don’t even know anyone named Jim. Don’t worry, you can still make your kids happy with a river rafting Bend Oregon or tubing trip down the Deschutes River!
The river offers all kinds of boating as well as fishing, and there are many businesses in town that offer not only raft and boat rentals, but lessons as well. Here are a few tips for tubing or rafting on the Deschutes.

Tubing Bend Oregon

First of all, comply with the law by wearing a life jacket and never drink alcohol before floating when tubing Bend Oregon. Be sure to get a top-quality tube. If you don’t want to buy one, there are plenty of places to rent them in Bend. Cheap toys designed for pools often pop in the river. This can be dangerous for the floater and is ultimately just terrible for the environment. Make sure to wear water shoes or even tennis shoes. Flip flops will often come off in the water which creates an environmental hazard.
The best place to begin a float is in shallow water. Most people who float on the Deschutes begin their floats at Riverbend Park. Once on the water, you can float down to the Colorado Avenue Bridge where you can either get out and go back or continue into the rapids. Be sure to keep your feet pointed down stream and continue to the Galveston Avenue Bridge.

River Rafting Bend Oregon

Unfortunately, it is not possible to float down the Deschutes on the kind of homemade wooden raft on which Huck and Jim traveled, as the waters are much rougher. If you have never been rafting before, you would be well advised to go with a group with an experienced guide. Some of the best guides in town include Sun Country Tours and the Seventh Mountain River Company.
Once on the water you will enjoy some incredible scenery such as beautiful mountains, vegetation and wildlife. Once you become adept at river rafting Bend Oregonyou can enjoy long trips where you can stop and camp along the banks of the river.

Where to Stay

A day of rafting can leave you in need of a nice long hot bath and a good night’s rest. Arrived Now can provide you with a beautiful Bend vacation rental where you can rest and revive for the next day’s adventure. Call us at 800-215-9880 or book one of our beautiful vacation rentals online today.


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