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Star Gazing-Photography-Wine Tasting

By day, Bend, Oregon is a beautiful, exciting and vibrant destination that beckons visitors to get out and explore the beauty of nature. Whether you hike the many trails, take to the Deschutes River or make the most of downtown shopping, Bend is a place that is packed with opportunity from the moment you arrive. By night, Bend is just as wonderful. When you’re planning a trip and working out the ideal itinerary, don’t forget to add star gazing, photography and wine tasting to the list!

A Flavorful and Educational Excursion

Hosted by Go Wild: American Adventures, a star gazing, photography and wine tasting excursion is offered in Bend for only $85 per person. Book your spot along with a few great friends and begin the night around 6 pm at the Cooper Tasting Room. This is where you’ll meet your guide for the night and have the delicious opportunity to sip your way through some fantastic labels. Feel free to purchase a bottle to go when it’s time to head out. You’ll hop on a chartered bus or van and make your way to the stargazing in Bend, Oregon destination, which stands at 7,000-feet in elevation.

Bend’s location, elevation, clean air and low levels of light pollution make it the perfect place to take in the cosmos when the sun goes down. Guests will have a chance to munch on snacks and sip their wine while waiting for the night sky to reveal itself. Once the stars are bright and shining, your guide will walk you through the many constellations and galaxies using a spotting scope. While this is a wonderful way for amateur star gazers to get a first look at the skies, professionals are encouraged to bring their own gear for gazing fun in Bend, Oregon.

Picture Perfect Fun in Bend Oregon

Your tour guide will also be on-hand to help guide you through the steps it takes to capture an amazing nighttime shot of the sky. Learn to angle, position and perfect that art of nighttime photography in just a few simple steps. In total, this excursion can be expected to last approximately four hours with all transportation included. Bookings require two participants and the maximum number of guests is capped at 13. Join up with a group of fellow travelers or book a private stargazing in Bend, Oregon experience for your family and friends.

A Sky- High Experience You Won’t Forget

When you’re in Bend to make the most of the day and evening beauty, be sure to let the team at Arrived book you into a stunning vacation rental home. We’re dedicated to customizing every guest experience and are here to help you find a place that provides the level of comfort and luxury you’re looking for. Contact us today to begin planning your stargazing trip to Bend!


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