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Taste the Best Restaurants in Bend Oregon

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Aside from the beautiful landscape that surrounds it, Bend is known for its food and microbrewery scene. With fresh, locally grown food on nearly every corner of downtown Bend, sometimes choosing the best restaurants in Bend Oregon to eat or drink at can feel difficult. Read on to learn about where to go eat and why.

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Bend is known for its 20+ breweries and they’re a great place to go to get a taste of Bend’s local flavors. Most breweries in Bend serve modern American fare that compliments their beers and ciders. You can expect to find your typical burger and fries at most breweries serving food, but there are a couple breweries that are doing things a little differently.

To see how well Mediterranean food and craft beer can complement one another, check out Crux Fermentation Project. Crux, as the locals call it, is a beautifully designed brewery with lots of outdoor space.

The outdoor area with games is great, the beers on tap are even better, and Crux’s on-site food trucks pair perfectly with whatever you’re drinking. Mediterranean food, sandwiches, and more are served outside on the well-groomed lawn. The food served at Crux is even conscientious of food restrictions such as vegan and gluten-free.

Family Friendly Bend Restaurants

Finding a restaurant that’s great for the whole family can sometimes be a task. Luckily, Bend has several restaurants that are both kid-friendly and worth spending precious vacation time enjoying.

Pine Tavern is also a local go-to favorite restaurant for Bend’s visitors and locals alike. Pine Tavern got its name from the giant Ponderosa Pine tree growing through the center of the restaurant, but they’re actually best known for their hallmark hot scones and locally sourced fare.

Like Crux, Pine Tavern is also family friendly and offers a warm atmosphere for all. Since Pine Tavern’s menus feature locally produced meats, the restaurant is light on vegan options. There are, however, several gluten-free options on both the lunch and the dinner menus.

It’s easy to eat past the point of being full at Pine Tavern so don’t miss your chance to walk off your meal around nearby Mirror Pond, one of Bend’s local gems.

Upscale Bend Restaurants

A vacation without a nice meal often feels incomplete. Despite Bend’s love for the rugged outdoors, one of the best restaurants in Bend Oregon is located downtown by the water.

Ariana is exactly the name we would choose for this purple Craftsman home-turned-restaurant. Located just steps from the Deschutes River, Ariana offers the romantic, cozy ambiance you would expect from a house built in the 1900s.

Offering classic Italian and French fare, Ariana is best known for its Chef’s Tasting Menu, a five-course pre-fixe meal that is locally acclaimed. Ariana’s delicious menu is no secret, though, so reservations are almost always required in order to dine in this chic restaurant.

Whether you choose to eat at one of Bend’s famous breweries, an upscale restaurant, or a family-friendly venue, be sure to ask Arrived about the best restaurants in Bend Oregon. Bend’s restaurant scene is quickly placing itself on the radar of culinary enthusiasts worldwide, so come get a taste and stay close to downtown in an Arrived vacation rental.

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