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Angler’s Delight in Bend, Oregon

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While there are many popular sports in Bend, it’s hard to beat the allure of freshwater fishing. Central Oregon features a myriad of beautiful creeks and rivers that are home to a great variety of fish you can aim for. Although it can be overwhelming to plan a fishing trip to a new place you’ve never visited before, here are some top spots to plan around when you try fishing in Bend, Oregon.


Deschutes River

The Deschutes is the major river that flows through the center of Bend, and it’s also one of the most well-known rivers in the Pacific Northwest. Starting in the Cascades, this beautiful river offers over 252 miles of fishable areas. One of the best fish to go for is the local redside rainbow trout, which is native to the region. If you really want to get into it, consider taking a multi-day fishing trip down the river, and keep an eye out for Pacific steelhead.


Metolius River

Up for a challenge? If the Deschutes seems too easy, why not try the Metolius River? This gorgeous crystal blue waterway is also home to many redside rainbow trout, and also the bull trout, which is considered one of the most coveted catches in Oregon.


Fall River

While some rivers are best fished in the summer, there are angling opportunities all year round in Fall River. But be patient: The water here is so clear, you may spook your catches if you aren’t careful!


Test Your Skills at the Old Mill

Feeling pretty good about your catches? Why not see how you stack up against the best, at the Old Mill District Casting Course? Located at the Old Mill on the banks of the Deschutes, this free casting course is set up to challenge even the best anglers to perfect their skills. And because of its great location, you’ll also be poised to stop by all the great shops at the Old Mill while you’re there.

Bend offers a variety of fly fishing shops to meet your gear needs while you’re in town. Stop by Fly Fishers Place, Fly & Field Outfitters, and Deschutes River Fly Shop to pick up everything you need, and get your questions answered.


Rest Up After a Long Day on the River

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