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If you have not experienced the beautiful sights in Sunriver yet, you are in for quite the treat. This Oregon destination is gorgeous any time of the year. Many visitors frequently head to Sunriver each year for these sights alone. Here is how you can find the best scenic Sunriver attractions:

Benham Falls

Waterfalls are a delightful natural wonder to see in person. Sunriver is home to Benham Falls, a popular set of falls located just outside the city. While Benham Falls may not be the biggest in vertical size, it is still a rushing gorge of water that needs to be seen in person. In addition to the incredible falls, you can see petrified lava fields nearby. The hike to Benham Falls is just as exciting as the end destination. It is an easy 1-mile loop that is perfect for beginner and older hikers to enjoy as well. Benham Falls is 6.4 miles north of Sunriver and can be accessed from the National Forest Developmental Road.

Fall River Trail

You can find more incredible sights just outside of Sunriver at the Fall River Trail. The rushing river is flowing right next to the trail with crystal blue water and some of the biggest fish you have ever seen. Hikers claim some of the best views of the river been be viewed from this popular trail. The Fall River Trail eventually leads to Benham Falls so you can visit both sights in a single trip. This incredible area is accessed from S Century Dr. 5.9 miles outside of Sunriver.

Lava River Cave

Deep in the Deschutes Forest you can find the incredibly scenic Lava River Cave. This mile-long lava tube takes around an hour and a half to fully explore. Expect to find wild bats and other critters sleeping during the day. Lights are available in the cave to make sure you do not lose your step and of course snap as many pictures as possible. As mentioned, the Lava River Cave can be found in the Deschutes Forest, more specially the National Volcanic Monument.

Go Sightseeing in Sunriver

There is always more to see in Sunriver than other travel destinations. Get ready for your scenic stay by reserving one of our vacation rentals in Sunriver today.


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