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There is just something magical about the great outdoors in Kauai. We believe we are the best and most adventurous island in all of Hawaii. You can find endless options to enjoy your own personal outdoor Kauai adventures. Here are some outdoor activities we recommend in Kauai:

Venture Down to the Secret Beach

Most of the beaches in Kauai are extremely popular with visitors all times of the year. This can make it difficult to find a quiet reserve all to yourself. Head to the North Shore of Kauai and find the tucked away Secret Beach. Also known as Secrets, this secluded hideaway is the perfect combination of hiking, relaxing, and snorkeling. Getting down to the beach requires a 10-minute hike that isn’t too difficult. You will find plenty of space to set up your own private beach picnic before exploring the water. Hawaii is warm all year round, so visitors can easily enjoy a swim during the fall season. Make sure to keep an eye out for big tides when visiting later in the season.

Hike Up Waimea Canyon

There is no better hike with a view than the trail through Waimea Canyon. There is not just a single hike but instead many trails that will take you to unbelievable outlooks. Your vacation pictures cannot get any better than up at these vantage points. The biggest draw to Waimea Canyon is the 800-foot waterfalls that cascade down into a natural swimming pool. Hiking up the trail takes most hikers approximately two to three hours in total.

Ride with Safari Helicopters

If the views up in Waimea Canyon did not satisfy your craving for incredible views, make sure you book a flight with Safari Helicopters. You will be given a private tour of some of the best viewpoints in all of Kauai. Fly over the incredible Olokele Canyon or see where Jurassic Park was filmed at Manawaipuna Waterfall. Safari Helicopters will help take you where you want to see on Kauai.

Enjoy Your Next Outdoor Kauai Adventures

The wonderful views of Kauai are waiting for your next dream getaway. Reserve one of our exclusive vacation rentals on the island this season for incredible outdoor Kauai adventures. Our rental experts will help you find the perfect rental nearby these outdoor attractions and much more. Start planning for your next stay on Kauai!