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Kaua`i has something to offer everyone, from breathtaking hikes to secluded beaches. Whether you stay in one of our relaxed bungalows on the peaceful North Shore or on the edge of the surf on the sunny southern beaches, you’ll find no shortage of wonderful ways to relax and enjoy the Aloha spirit that embodies this beautiful island. Our island offers plenty of attractions on Kauai to do in any season, but no matter when you visit there are some things you simply cannot miss!

Majestic Scenery With Our Attractions on Kauai

Lush and remote, forbidding yet welcoming, the Nā Pali Coast on Kaua‘i’s North Shore is a series of razor sharp ridges and vertical sea cliffs that create pockets of secluded beaches and deep, emerald valleys accessible only by foot. Even if you are not up for the full 11-mile hike (that’s one-way, and overnight permits are required) you should take in the incredible views from the trail head. Rising and falling across streams and valleys, the Kalalau trail winds along the base of the 4,000-foot high pali (cliffs), crossing streams and visiting magical waterfalls. Less experienced hikers can hike the first two miles and relax at Hanakāpīʻai Beach, then either turn back or visit the beautiful waterfall another two miles inland. Other options to see the cliffs include helicopter tours and ocean charters in catamarans, inflatables, and kayaks. No matter how you go, the Nā Pali Coast is not to be missed.

A World Wonder

In Kaua‘i’s interior is the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” and it is every bit as impressive as its Arizona cousin. This 10-mile long gorge drops away over 3,600 feet to its floor. Its walls are a vibrant sea of reds and greens, and two lookouts offer stunning views of the surrounding area. Hiking trails allow you to take scenic walks or explore the canyon floor below. Above the canyon another series of lookouts provide stunning views of the Na Pali Coast from above. A scenic drive from any of our Arrived Now vacation rentals, it is well worth it to behold this natural wonder close up. You might even get to meet Hawai‘i’s state bird, the Hawaiian Goose (nene)!

Beautiful Beaches Abound

It is impossible to pick the perfect beach on Kaua‘i, there are simply too many. All we recommend is that you take in at least one! As one of the oldest Hawaiian Islands, Kaua‘i has more coral reef and more sandy beaches than her younger siblings, and finding your favorite beach is half the fun. In Princeville, Lumahai and Hanalei Bay are must-see, and The Queen’s Bath tidepools are fun for all ages. In the south, Poipu Beach is one of America’s Best beaches and should not be missed with its warm crescents of golden sand, natural wading pools, and excellent snorkeling, swimming, and surfing.

The beauty of a Hawaiian vacation is you can do everything or nothing at all. And while it might be hard to pry yourself away from your relaxing vacation home through Arrived Now, we know you will love these must-see attractions, no matter where on the island you call home. Aloha!

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