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If you and your family are looking for the ideal vacation rental here in Sunriver, look no further. Our vacation rentals offer a variety of features, many with family-friendly features found nowhere else in the city. Take a look at what our family-friendly rentals can offer you the next time you plan a family getaway to Sunriver:

Plenty of Rooms for Everyone

Having everyone in the family sleep under one roof makes vacationing so much easier and cheaper. Our rentals offer anywhere from one bedroom all the way to up to 8 bedrooms. That’s right, our rentals include giant homes that can comfortably sleep up to 16 guests under a single roof! Rooms can include bed sizes from singles to doubles, queens, and even kings. Smaller rentals do not skimp on overall size, either!

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Space Out Back

We know that the children need plenty of space to run around and get out their energy. Our Sunriver family-friendly rentals can offer spacious backyards. The weather in Sunriver is great all year round so make sure to take advantage of it during your stay. Some of these rentals may even allow you to bring the dog on your trip too!


Wi-Fi Access for Online Schooling

The past year has shown us that schooling options will continue to vary for the coming months. If your children are doing remote learning they can easily log in with the free Wi-Fi access in our family-friendly rentals. The information will be readily available for you when you arrive at your vacation rental. Simply log in and your kids will have their online classroom-ready at their fingertips.

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Sunriver Just Down the Road

Our family-friendly rentals are just steps away from everything that makes Sunriver so exciting to visit. Popular activities around the city that are perfect for kids include the Sunriver Nature Center and Oregon Observatory. Don’t forget to see the beautiful river or the Lava River Cave just a few miles away!

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Plan Your Family Getaway to Sunriver

Now that you know what to expect, it is time to reserve your family-friendly vacation rental here in Sunriver. Each property is professionally cleaned, making sure you and your loved ones will have a safe family getaway in Sunriver with us.