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San Juan Historical Society and Museum

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Modern San Juan Island is a captivating vacation destination that intrigues visitors with its stunning scenery, options for shopping and dining as well as outdoor adventures that await. From strolling along the docks to whale watching, San Juan Island seems to have an ability to capture the attention of visitors with timeless attractions. While the island has found a way to move along with the times, it also comes with a history that’s worth preserving, protecting and exploring. For those visitors to San Juan Island with a heart for history, a trip to the San Juan Historical Museum is sure to be an inspiring stop along the way.


Island Tradition and History Thrive at the San Juan Historical Museum

The San Juan Historical Museum is located 405 Price Street in beautiful Friday Harbor and is operated by the San Juan Historical Society. The museum itself is a step back in time to 1894 and includes a look at the architecture, artifacts, places, people and professional endeavors that helped the island thrive from that time through the modern age. Many of the residents that call San Juan Island home today are descendants of pioneers that arrived on the island during the 19th century. During this time, life depended on a successful harvest or favorable currents and tides that could help feed families. The museum is a great way for visitors to get an intimate look at early life on the island and how the many families that helped settle this area affect the local population today.


The San Juan Historical Society’s Mission

Honoring San Juan Island’s heritage and history is the primary goal for the San Juan Historical Society who puts endless effort into making sure this museum remains a prime place to learn, engage and grow when visiting San Juan Island. The San Juan Historical Society utilizes the museum to regularly help and host educational and research initiatives as well as providing a space for community outreach. The museum continues to move forward with the help of members and focuses on guest donations as a way to thrive well into the future. The San Juan Historical Museum is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday between May and September from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm and tours are self-guided. Out of season visits are always available upon special request. Admission is $8 for adults and $5 for children.


Make the Most of the Island Experience

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