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Rooster and the Pig

Palm Springs dining opportunities may be at the top of the luxurious culinary charts, but sometimes it’s the small, friendly places that leave the biggest impressions on guests. Developed with the concepts of friendly food experiences in mind in a simple, chic setting, Rooster and the Pig brings a comfortable atmosphere and delightful menu to the table at its location on S. Indian Canyon Drive. Easy to access and always welcoming, first time guests at Rooster and the Pig inevitably find themselves returning every time they’re in town!


Infusion with a Smile

The brain child of chef Tai Spendley, Rooster and the Pig in Palm Springs offers a forward-thinking menu that blends influences from France, Asia and California into a seamlessly delicious design. While menu items change frequently and remain faithful to a diverse selection, the concept of plates made to share is a constant at this well-loved establishment. Spendley aims for a restaurant atmosphere that offers up fare inspired by international travels while maintaining a sense of family-style dining. While it’s titled a Vietnamese-American restaurant, those who love this location will often rave that it brings flavors that go well beyond those two boarders.


Stellar Staff at the Rooster and the Pig in Palm Springs

While a restaurant is generally held in high esteem exclusively based on its culinary achievements, it’s ultimately the people behind the fare that create for a most memorable experience. The staff at Rooster and the Pig pride themselves on keeping the atmosphere consistently fun and lively. There is a dedicated effort to making sure to walk guests through options that suit their specific tastes, whether it’s your first-time dining at the location or you’re a regular visitor. Well-versed in the infusion of Vietnamese and American flavor blends, this professional staff will leave guests feeling cared for from the moment they walk through the door until they leave for a night of Palm Springs exploration.


Menu Favorites

When you sit down for a starter selection at Rooster and the Pig in Palm Springs, feel free to try a little bit of everything, from the Vietnamese crispy rolls to a bed of fresh mixed greens. Thin-sliced beef or flat-rice noodles make for a perfect meal for one. However, if you’re in the mood to share, you’ll want to try the black pepper tofu peanuts, coconut yellow curry or the turmeric crab spring rolls! No matter what you decide to order, guests can count on menu items that are extra fresh, full of flavor and decidedly different than anything you’ve experienced before!

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