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Justin Eat and Drink

The ultimate desert oasis turned fabulous food destination, Justin Eat and Drink is a place to enjoy menu items with flair and heart. This Cathedral City locale was developed by Chef Justin Jenkins as a place to provide rustic comfort alongside sustainably sourced menu items. The result is a cozy hub of flavor that delivers big on taste and outdoor ambiance. Delivering up fresh food, innovative designs and a creative take on the familiar, it’s no wonder that Justin Eat and Drink has quickly become a fan-favorite in the Palm Springs area.


A Creative Culinary Experience at Justin Eat and Drink

Hoping to create a space that both pleases diners and helps the local economy, Justin Eat and Drink provides menu items that arrive at your table directly from local producers. Using these farm-fresh ingredients, plates are prepared with a creative twist in mind. From Candied Jalapeno to Honeyed Duck, it’s hard to find a traditional item that hasn’t been given a chic menu upgrade when you drop by for something eat. Whether you choose the Roasted Cauliflower or Shrimp and Grits, a meal at Justin Eat and Drink is a delightful adventure in fascinating new flavors and tantalizing tastes. While the menu is exciting all year-round, fall favorites include delightful dishes that celebrate the season such as Cinderella Pumpkin, Fried Brussel Sprouts, Wild Boar Ribs and Grilled Octopus. Warm, rich and inviting, a night spent at Justin’s restaurant is an adventure your taste buds won’t soon forget.


Accommodating and Accessible

Its East Palm Canyon Drive location keeps Justin Eat and Drink close to all of the bustling Palm Springs action while maintaining a sense of seclusion with its unique design. A dinner at Justin Eat and Drink allows guests to feel like they’ve escaped into the wilderness only to dine on something delicious in the comfort of a rustic, cozy cabin. Utilizing earth tones and stone-based interior designs, the natural world is successfully brought indoors to set the scene for a comfortable and chic ambiance. Beyond the physical location, the menu offerings are seasonally revolving and always accommodate dietary tastes and restrictions. With vegan and gluten-free options clearly marked on the menu, guests can enjoy their dinner worry-free. If there are requests that fall outside of what’s available, the staff at Justin Eat and Drink are ready and waiting to help guests find a satisfying solution. Sustainably sourced ingredients including meats, fish and produce provide a tasty meal that leaves guests feeling good about their foods’ authentic origins.

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