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Palm Springs Historical Society

It’s human nature to rush forward into what’s new, exciting and entertaining. Palm Springs, California has a way of captivating the senses and encouraging visitors to seize the many moments available to them. What’s amazing about Palm Springs is its equally strong pull to the past. While the city makes the most of innovation, it’s a mindful place that makes incredible efforts to preserve history and honor heritage. The group most central to this task is the Palm Springs Historical Society. Established in 1955 by Melba Berry Bennett, the society is passionately dedicated to making sure that Palm Springs moves into the future with a rich past that’s well-preserved.


Tours: Your Ticket to the Past

From desert pioneers to the Cahuilla people and the many adobe structures and innovative efforts in between, the history of Palm Springs is rich in intrigue. With the development of the Tennis Club in the 1930’s, the city experienced a true rush to the top of the popularity board and thrived throughout the 1950’s. During this time, an abundance of new restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues brought in celebrities and creative minds ready to add their personal touch to the city. From Frank Sinatra to Elvis Presley, the streets of Palm Springs have always been graced by the stars. Equally incredible are the beautiful buildings and unique architecture in Palm Springs left behind as ambitious builders took to the drawing board. In honor of the diverse interests, faces, names and facades that have passed through the city, the Palm Springs Historical Society offers a vast number of daily tours for visitors interested in learning more about this sunny city during their things to do in Palm Springs. Be prepared to choose between themes such as a visit to Frank Sinatra’s neighborhood, a wander through historic homes or an insider’s guide to the best in architecture.


Memorable Museums to hold Palm Springs Memories

Two of the most impressive ways the Palm Springs Historical Society maintains their vast past comes in the form of two of the oldest building in the city! The McCullum Adobe was built in 1884 and the Cornelia White House was completed in 1893. Today, both act as the society’s primary museums housing extensive collections dedicated to the Palm Springs past. Permanent exhibits include a look at desert pioneer life through photographs, artifacts and letters. Each location hosts traveling exhibits as well highlighting culture, art, design and progress.


A Literary Look at the Past at the Palm Springs Historical Society

An essential part of keeping track of the past is maintaining diligent records and providing opportunities for research and communication. The Palm Springs Historical Society maintains the Welwood Murray Memorial Library to accomplish both. Dating back to 1941, the library is a hub of historical information, research tools and is open to community groups for hosting events and things to do in Palm Springs.


Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Sometimes, a look back at the past can make your present that much more fulfilling. When you’re in Palm Springs, make sure to swing by the Palm Springs Historical Society for a look through an historical museum or a trek around the city on an engaging tour! Contact Arrived Now today to get started creating the trip of a lifetime!

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