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Tennis Club District Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California shines bright for travelers as a modern marvel of great entertainment, fabulous food, high fashion and endless fun. What makes it all the better is that every attraction lives under that sunny California sky. A true testament to Palm Springs’ ability to innovative as times change is the uncanny ability the city possesses to maintain the relevancy of some incredibly significant historical locations. A prime example is the Historic Tennis Club District with roots planted in the 1950’s and a culture that continue to thrive today!


Bringing Tennis to the Desert

Failure often leads to new opportunities and the beginnings of the Historic Tennis Club have a story that starts with disappointment and ends with glamorous success. Residents first attempted to farm the land the district sits on today in the early 1880’s. When agriculture didn’t yield desired results, the area was transitioned in the name of innovation. For the first time, developers sought to bring the sport of tennis to the desert and in doing so, began to create the space for the game. The result was a luxurious location dedicated to tennis, entertainment and leisure. Popular upon impact, this failed farmland soon became the infamous Tennis Club that residents and visitors flocked to from all over. As restaurants, bistros and hotels popped up alongside the crowds, over time, the area earned its title of esteemed district. Impressively, this title remains today, and visitors are just as enthralled with the Tennis District now as in the golden age of the 1950’s.


The Beauty of Balance in the Tennis Club District Palm Springs

Tucked between downtown Palm Springs and the stunning San Jacinto Mountains, the Historic Tennis Club District Palm Springs is renowned for its balance. Recognized as a quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough to the cultural hot spots to provide easy access to endless entertainment, there’s something at the Tennis Club District for visitors of all interests. Wander around for the day or reserve a rental home to make a stay near the Palm Springs Tennis Club that much more memorable.


Discovering the Historic Tennis District

As the Tennis District name became familiar in popular circles, famous names made their way through the area and left incredible history in their wake. Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill are associated with historic inns in the area including The Willows and Korakia Pensione. Spencer’s Restaurant was a buzzing venue during the district’s golden age and remains at the top of its game to this day. History buffs will want to make sure and book their trip in December to participate in the ever-popular Walk of the Inns. This is an incredible insider’s look at some of the Palm Springs Tennis Club district’s stunning historical hospitality sites that will leave visitors amazed at how Palm Springs has held on so closely to its heritage.


Tennis District Dazzles Time and Again

For a glamorous getaway nestled in the mountains with access to food, entertainment and night life right around the corner, a trip to the Historic Tennis District is definitely in order! Come for the fun and be dazzled by the history and heritage. Contact us today to book one of our vacation rentals and to get started planning your next Palm Springs trip!

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