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How to Get Around Oahu

Oahu is known for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and endless options for dining, shopping, and entertainment. No matter what you’ve come to experience, Oahu is an island escape that’s sure to please. However, with all the planning usually focused on the fun-filled itinerary, it can be easy to forget the logistics surrounding travel once you’re here. Keep these tips in mind when it comes to getting around Oahu with ease during your stay.


Rent a Car for Getting Around Oahu

While it might be tempting to consider leaving a vehicle out of the equation entirely, some visitors are surprised by how big Oahu actually is and often, those landmark destinations you are excited to explore lie far behind city centers. If you’re a traveler that can’t wait to make the most of stops that range from downtown areas to off-the-beaten-path trails, you’ll want to consider renting a car during your stay.


Catch a Cab

If your travel plans will keep you in bustling cities for the majority of your Oahu adventure with minimal time spent outside major hubs, setting aside a few extra dollars for cab rides is a good plan. While this type of transportation can be expensive for long-distance excursions, it’s a highly convenient way to get to restaurants or Luau’s that might be just too far to walk. There’s no need to wave down a cab in Oahu, simply call in advance for quick and convenient service. As an added benefit, Hawaii now enjoys rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber for those who prefer this route.


Ride the Bus

If you’re just not sure how to get around Oahu, you’ll need a car or cab, the bus system on Oahu is highly dependable and efficient too. Known simply as The Bus, this transportation network serves many of the outlying Oahu regions with a focus on Waikiki and Honolulu. Keep your eyes open for the designate stops and expect to pay an exact fare when you board. Maps and schedules are always available online to plan your routes in advance.


Rent a Bike

Combine the best of sightseeing, eco-friendly transportation, and health by renting a bike for the duration of your stay on Oahu. There are a large number of landmarks across the island that are easy to reach by just peddling there. You’ll save on cab fare, gas and won’t have to worry about bus timetables when you choose this route of transportation.


Book a Stay in Hawaii

Enjoy every moment of your island stay by booking a beautiful rental property with the team at Arrived. Contact us today for more information and to start planning your next Hawaiian adventure.

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