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History of Oahu

The Oahu that’s known and loved by travelers from around the globe today is one that’s as vibrant as it is undeniably intriguing. Defined by lush landscapes, amazing tours, and excursions, as well as plentiful options for shopping, dining and enjoying moments with history and culture, make this an island escape that calls visitors back time and again. As with all popular places, Oahu enjoys an intricate history that led to the creation of what it is today. Here’s a brief look back at the moments that tell the story of Oahu History.


Historical Transitions

As far back as 500 CE, settlers recognized the beauty, value, and resources available on Oahu and sought to make it home. Tahitian groups are credited with being some of the first to create permanent settlements on Oahu where they remained until 1795 when the King of Hawaii, Kamehameha I conquered the area as well as the remaining islands. 1845 marked the year when Honolulu was named the royal capital city—a decision that remained in place after Hawaii entered the United States. In 1893 the royal family was officially overthrown, and the U.S. annexed the islands in 1898. Much of the 20th century saw Oahu take on a major role in the Pacific Fleet and during World War II, Oahu was the site of the tragic Pearl Harbor attack.


A History of Dynamic Landscapes

Today, visitors to Oahu find themselves, sometimes unknowingly, in the shadow of a past that has long made Oahu a fascinating destination. Military monuments such as the Pearl Harbor National Memorial are not only meaningful but honor a time of great transition in this area. The terrain that’s dotted with mountain chains and long-asleep volcanoes fascinate modern visitors who may not realize they provided the protection and resources early settlers relied on to survive. The North Shore of Oahu provides the perfect combination of natural elements to create massive and powerful waves that are today used for world-class surfing competitions. Long ago, the landscape of North Shore offered up an abundance of rich soil that moved the sugar and pineapple industries forward, forging a way ahead for many early residents of the island.


History and Modernity Collide

The history of Oahu is one of change, resilience and an ever-lasting connection to the island landscape. Taking time to discover the stories of the past only makes a visit to Oahu today that much more meaningful. The next time you’re here, enjoy taking time to notice those places, landmarks and moments where history and modernity collide.


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