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Winter Journey To Oahu

What better place to escape from the cold weather than sunny Oahu? You’ll find that this special destination has the best of both worlds: all the excitement of a major city, coupled with the scenic beauty of an outdoor paradise. Swap your scarves and sweaters for shorts and a swimsuit and get out to winter activities in Oahu!


Watch for Whales

There aren’t all that many truly seasonal activities to do in Hawaii, given our moderate climate. But one that’s a favorite with locals and tourists alike is appreciating the annual humpback migration. From November through April, approximately half of the North Pacific’s humpback population passes through Hawaiian waters. Though you can often spot them from the shoreline of most beaches if you’re lucky, your best bet is to hop aboard a whale-watching boat. There are tours to suit every type of traveler: private charters which include snorkeling, catamarans, and large vessels that include meals during your trip. Whether you want to get wet or not, take your pick! Many of the tour companies also specialize in getting you up close and personal with other types of marine life as well, including sea turtles, dolphins, or sharks.


Catch the Big Swells

Oahu’s North Shore is famous worldwide, and there’s no question why. Some of the year’s best waves roll in here every winter in Oahu, and many pro surf competitions take place here as well. While it’s definitely not for beginners (and you probably shouldn’t get in the water unless you are a pro yourself), people from all over the island flock to see the massive waves, and the surfers in action. Expect heavy traffic and difficult parking; in fact, this is a great time to make use of TheBus, Oahu’s round-the-island bus system. Impressive waves break at Waimea Bay, Pipeline and Sunset Beach; after you catch the action, stop off in Haleiwa Town to browse the art galleries and have a bite to eat.


Eat Your Fill of Avocados

While avocado toast has become a trendy millennial staple in restaurants worldwide, in Hawaii, it’s just what we eat any day for breakfast. Enjoy peak avocado season here in winter in Oahu, stocking up at one of the many farmers’ markets, or early in the morning in Chinatown. Be aware that many of the avocados sold in supermarkets are imported and won’t be any better than what you get back home.

Enjoy beautiful beaches and more when you enjoy winter activities in Oahu! You’ll need the perfect Oahu winter rentals to go along with your trip. Arrived Now has a huge portfolio of places to stay in Oahu that will amaze you.

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