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Top Reasons To Visit Oahu

It’s not always easy to leave the stress of the daily grind behind but beginning the effort with a Hawaiian vacation is a great start. While all of the Hawaiian Islands have something spectacular to offer visitors, there’s something undeniably special about Oahu. The lush landscape, amazing shoreline and options for indulging in food, culture, and history make this destination truly one of a kind. If you need any more convincing that this is the place for you, simply refer to the list below of the top reason to visit Oahu this year.


The Natural Landmarks

Oahu is a place where nature has taken over and simply done her best work. When you’re a person with a passion for the great outdoors, Oahu promises to provide a collection of natural landmarks that are sure to inspire. Make your way to Manoa Falls for the chance to encounter a 150-foot cascade as it makes its way down a sparkling cliffside. When you’re interested in hiking and can’t wait for an amazing view, Diamond Head Crater provides a rim-top seat just for you, these are just a few reasons to visit Honolulu!


The Beautiful Beaches

A Hawaiian getaway isn’t complete without time spent on the sand and under the sun. Luckily for Oahu visitors, this area has some of the most pristine stretches of shoreline across all of the islands. Be sure to build in time on the itinerary for a day at Waimea Bay known for its powder-soft sand or make your way to Hanauma Bay Preserve where a lounging session can be followed up by a dip in crystal-clear waters.


The Amazing Food Stops

From the North Shore to Honolulu, the many regions of Oahu are packed with options for savory flavors, which is one of the great reasons to visit Honolulu. When you’re a seafood enthusiast, you’ll want to be sure to swing by Romy’s Kahuku Prawns & Shrimp after a day of watching North Shore waves. This family-run business serves up some of Oahu’s best garlic and shrimp plates as a signature dish made to taste. When you’re in the mood for some of the most decadent and traditional Hawaiian food around, head over to Helena’s Hawaiian Food stop where family recipes are turned to as a way of featuring kalua pig, lomi salmon and much more! Don’t forget to try a coconut dessert on your way out.


Book a Stay Today and Visit Oahu

There’s no reason to wait when it’s time to unwind in island style. Contact the team at Arrived for more information on our vast portfolio of rental properties waiting to be enjoyed during your stay!

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