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North Shore

When it comes to tropical destinations, there’s something endlessly irresistible about a trip to Hawaii. As a collection of islands, Hawaii has the power to cater to travelers of all interests and passions from near and far. Those who can’t wait to explore the water will make the most of sailing, snorkeling and swimming in crystal-clear waves. Those who love to shop, dine and experience the best of culture will be enthralled by boutique stores, amazing restaurants, and traditional luaus. Still those that love to simply go with the flow and explore will find Hawaii is packed with places that are equally vibrant and intriguing. When you’re hoping to experience the most dynamic destinations Hawaii has to offer during your stay, begin your journey at North Shore in Oahu.


The Best of Beaches

You don’t have to be an experienced surfer to recognize and appreciate the waves and beauty that define the many North Shore beaches. This area of the island enjoys the perfect combination of tides and weather to create some of the world’s most powerful waves. While this provides the ultimate challenge for surfing, it’s also an amazing scene to witness as mother nature takes her strength in stride. Come on a quiet day and let the pulse of towering white caps captivate the mind and imagination. When you’re up for a crowd, be sure to swing by when there’s a surfing competition in full swing. The high-energy combined with the contrast of white beaches and blue ocean makes this a truly unforgettable Hawaiian moment.


Small-Town Island Appeal

While the surfing is divine, North Shore is also popular amongst visitors for its small-town island appeal. Rustic surf shops, sidewalk cafes and local art galleries line the streets making for a wonderful way to spend an afternoon simply strolling and browsing. If you find yourself in need of a quick bite, be sure to keep your eyes open for the many shrimp trucks that are located around the North Shore. These vehicles turned mobile restaurants serve up savory shrimp buckets seasoned to taste for a reasonable price and in generous portions. No matter how you spend your time in North Shore, the balance of ambiance, scenery and natural wonder makes it a must-stop during your Hawaiian getaway.


Book Accommodations for North Shore in Oahu

The team at Arrived is here to help you book a beautiful vacation rental when you’re in Hawaii. Let our experts take care of the details so you can get out and enjoy the islands from the moment you arrive. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning your trip.

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