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Kailua Beach Park

By and far, one of the most irresistible aspects of a trip to Hawaii is the opportunity to make the most of its stunning collection of beaches. These sugar-white stretches of shoreline seemingly pop off postcards in pristine perfection, providing visitors with ample reason to return time and again in search of the next amazing place to soak up the sun. When you’re in the business of seeking out the best of the best during your stay, be sure to add Kailua Beach Park to your list of must-see locales. While this stop sits at number two on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii behind Lanikai Beach, it’s more than deserving of a first-stop visit.


Shorelines that are Sure to Satisfy

Kailua Beach Park extends more than 2.5 miles and beckons visitors to come and enjoy a satisfying mix of blue waters, white sand, and options to swim, snorkel or lounge the day away in tropical style. Kailua Beach Park in Oahu is easily identified by its unique collection of sea rock that not only looks beautiful, but works to keep the surf in this area gentle year-round. Many visitors to this beach show up with a boogie board or paddleboard in hand as a result. The area is also conveniently dotted with picnic tables, providing families and friends with a great excuse to enjoy an open-air meal under the sun.


Mokulua Island Adjacent

One of the highlights of a visit to Kailua Beach Park is the option to explore the nearby Mokulua Islands. Sitting a mere 2.5 miles from the beach, this collection of captivating islands can be reached by kayak. Feel free to bring your own and venture out for a one of a kind experience that’s sure to be unforgettable. If you’re not ready to make the trip solo, this area is home to a variety of water gear rental companies that are happy to help you set up a guided tour.


Make the Most of Your Kailua Beach Park in Oahu Adventure

There’s never been a better time to set your sights on Hawaii when you’re looking for a truly spectacular getaway destination. The team at Arrived is happy to help you find the ideal accommodations for your stay. Rent one of our beautiful properties and experience the best in comfort, luxury, and style while you’re here. Contact us for more information on our many options and to start planning.

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