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Oahu Snorkeling

A vacation to the Hawaiian Islands is often a dream come true for those who have a passion for tropical getaways that combine the very best of the sand, surf, and sea. Hawaii is known and loved for its long stretches of sugar-white sand beaches as well as it’s impressive waves that keep surfers challenged and those who love to observe the water endlessly enthralled. When you’re a traveler that takes kindly to exploring the world under the surface of the water, Oahu, in particular, presents a unique stop for snorkeling adventures. A world of wonder waits for those who are ready to discover thrills that exist in a marine world that’s often unseen from the shore. Grab your gear and get ready to experience the very best of Oahu snorkeling when you make your way to the island.


Places to Explore and Discover

You don’t have to be an expert to make the absolute most of the snorkeling in Oahu. In fact, Kuilima Cove on the island’s north shore is known by many as being the ideal place for beginner snorkelers to start out. This destination is filled with tropical fish and colorful reef and provides gentle waters that are great for learning techniques and taking your time observing. More experienced snorkelers in Oahu may want to make their way to Kahe Point Beach Park for extra clear waters and options for lounging on the beach too. Advanced snorkelers will fall in love with an afternoon spent at Sharks Cove which doubles as a popular diving spot as well. Hanauma Bay is a beloved snorkeling destination for those looking for schools upon schools of tropical fish to observe while Kaena captivates snorkelers with its picture-perfect combination of sand, water, and marine life waiting to be explored.


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Companies that Provide Oahu Snorkeling Tours

While snorkeling in Oahu independently can be exciting, it’s always great to combine your snorkeling experience with a tour that gives you a better look at the island alongside a knowledgeable guide. Island View Hawaii offers a thrilling opportunity for snorkelers to participate in a Pelagic Shark Dive Tour on Oahu’s North Shore where participants will swim with the likes of sharks, dolphins, and whales over the course of an afternoon. This tour begins at $150 per person and allows for a maximum of 6 people per tour keeping the group small and the options for insightful marine education vast.


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