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Oahu Hiking

When Oahu is mentioned, it’s easy to conjure up images of amazing waves and fearless surfers silhouetted against stretches of white sandy beaches. While Oahu is known and loved for its many watersports, it’s also a destination whose landscape provides some of the most scenic hiking opportunities around. Those who love to lace up their boots and hit the trails will find Oahu packed with pristine views, captivating land formations and challenging treks that end with spectacular and unsurpassed views. Whether you’re a photographer willing to take a hike to get that perfect shot or someone who has always loved getting out and exploring nature on foot, you won’t want to miss the chance to discover the best of Oahu hiking while you’re here.


Trails to Explore

If you’re a hiker with a bit of experience behind you and a motivation to take on moderately difficult trails, be sure to mark your calendar for a trek along Manoa Falls Trail. This popular route sits near Honolulu and is notorious for its lush foliage and options for admiring amazing cascades at the trail’s end. The trail is just under 1.5 miles in total out and back and gives hikers plenty of options for extending their hike by hooking up with nearby trails as preferred. Start your journey early to avoid crowds and make the most of tranquil moments at the falls when you go hiking in Oahu.

For a bird’s eye view on one of Oahu’s most iconic landmarks, be sure to make time for a trip along Koko Crater Trail. A steep climb lined by wildflowers is worth the effort once you reach the top of this 2-mile trek. Abandoned railroad ties make up the steps leading to the top of the crater where vistas that span the island are waiting for you.


Oahu Hiking Tours

If you’re interested in a more guided hiking in Oahu experience, the team at Adventure in Hawaii offers a variety of waterfall and hiking tours that take visitors through jungle and rainforest with the help of a knowledgeable guide. These hiking tours are an average of 2 miles in length and come with the benefit of narrative along the way. Additionally, these tours are scheduled to avoid large crowds meaning you won’t inadvertently find yourself one of a larger pack, but consistently enjoying a peaceful pathway that’s free of too much foot traffic.


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