While the latter part of the year is generally known as the holiday season with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming up all in a row, how is it we never realized that March may be the real holiday season, we’ll never know! There’s no spreading out the celebrations from month to month. Instead, there are three all in a row: Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Earth Hour, and although Earth Hour is relatively new, Sunriver is the perfect place to celebrate any or all of these March Sunriver events!

Mardi Gras, March 5th

When you visit a small town, you can expect that celebrations may be a little quieter than what you may be used to in your big city hometown, and Sunriver is no exception. But just because this year we don’t have any big plans to celebrate Mardi Gras, doesn’t mean you can’t plan your own celebration! You can buy the all-important beads at the Bend Party Store, 20780 NE High Desert Lane#4, and then head out for a night of debauchery and fun at the Twisted River Tavern, 17600 Center Drive. And the best part of your Sunriver Fat Tuesday? Knowing you are on vacation and you don’t have to go back to real life on Wednesday!

St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th

The bad thing about a holiday that is held on the same day every year is having to party on a Sunday, but one of the many good things about vacationing in Sunriver over St. Patrick’s Day is that you won’t have to go to work on Monday feeling hungover and sick! There are plenty of bars in both Sunriver and Bend planning celebrations, but if you want to start the holiday outright, the Subaru Winterfest is being held at the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort starting at 9 AM! Offering music and giveaways, snacks, smores, and hot beverages, this family-friendly event allows the whole family to celebrate together! The bars and tavern visits can be saved for later; this St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated fully!

Earth Hour, March 30th

This intimate event offers global impact and can be celebrated in the comfort and warmth of your Sunriver Pines vacation getaway. The “holiday” began in Australia in 2007 and involves the simple act of flipping a switch. Turn off the lights from 8:30pmto 9:30pmand save on electricity and light pollution. It’s a small step for you that leads to a huge impact on the environment, and if you are renting one of our cabins with a fireplace, you can get cozy and romantic in front of the roaring fire. Who needs lights to have a good time in Sunriver?

March Sunriver Events for the Perfect Holiday Getaway

Whether you want to go all out for your March Sunriver events or just want to enjoy an intimate hour or two in the comfort of home, our Sunriver Pines properties offer the perfect holiday getaway. Contact us now to reserve yours today! If you’re visiting over St. Patrick’s Day, don’t forget to pack something green!


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