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The year 2020 has been filled with challenging hurdles to overcome across the map. Amongst the many obstacles, the global pandemic has brought with it is a transition for many office workers to a remote platform. When trying to set up an office in the home, it can be tricky to maintain a sense of work and life balance. Instead of forcing work life and home life into the same place, it may be time to take your work on the road and enjoy booking our vacation homes to rent in Kauai, Hawaii to work from home.

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Amazing Island Accommodations

The beauty of remote work opportunities lies in the flexibility to grab your laptop and travel at will. When you’re looking to change up the scenery from traditional to island-inspired, Kauai is the place to be. This scenic warm-weather destination is an amazing option when you can’t wait to pair your deadlines with moments soaking up the sun from the sand or exploring jungle trails. Remote employees who book into a stay with the help of the team at Arrived will enjoy settling into a home away from home that comes with space, light, comfort, and extras you’ll need for an amazing work and play stay.

Many of our work from home rentals on Kauai offer up a comprehensive and open-living floorplan that’s just as well suited to the solo traveler as it is to remote employees that will be traveling this way with family and friends in tow. Everyone will feel comfortable from the moment they walk through the front door thanks to seamless transitions between interior living, dining, and sleeping areas. These same floorplans are frequently enhanced with the inclusion of large windows throughout that not only frame the view, but provide ample natural light flow, making it easy to settle in and work during a stay from anywhere in the property. Those properties that include vaulted ceilings further enjoy an enhanced sense of livable space which makes working from this island vantage point that much more appealing.

Many of our Kauai vacation house rentals come with inspiring views to wake up to as well as dedicated workspaces where you can meet professional goals too. If getting settled in at a traditional desk really isn’t your style, there’s no reason not to cozy up on the plush sofa, decorative loveseats or eye-catching armchairs by large windows that dot many of our rental floorplans too. Access to Wi-Fi makes it simple to connect with colleagues at the touch of a button while large televisions might be the ideal option for streaming a conference call. Those who appreciate time set aside for more exciting moments of connection beyond work will find access to Wi-Fi makes it simple to stream movies, keep up with social media, check-in on headlines or just share those fascinating photos you’ve been taking as you explore the island with family and friends back home.

Full kitchens provide easy access to coffee, snacks, and home-cooked meals when you’re not working or on a break. While exploring local restaurants is a must while you’re visiting Kauai, those who book into our work from home rentals while they’re here will find on-site kitchens provide a comprehensive lineup of amenities including spacious counters, cabinets stocked with cookware and utensils as well as modern appliances ready to be used. When you’re looking to rest up for fun ahead, be sure to enjoy large bedrooms, plush furnishings throughout, and access to beautiful balconies and patios for fresh air moments. These exterior seating spaces are perfect for beginning each work day with a hot cup of coffee as you savor the view. Just as inspiring might be winding down on a private balcony in the evenings under the cover of stars with a savory glass of wine in hand. Those remote workers headed to Kauai and looking for a touch extra on the experience front can always book a stay that provides access to resort-style amenities as well. We provide options within properties with access to tennis courts, grilling areas, sprawling pools, and hot tubs just to name a few!

Enjoy the Island

Kauai offers up much in the way of outdoor adventure that stimulates the mind, body, and imagination while also keeping you far from the crowds. Whether you’re planning on taking surf lessons, hitting the hiking trails, or booking a private sail along the Na Pali coastline, your work and play stay on Kauai is bound to please. Don’t miss out on a chance while you’re here to enjoy a journey and stop at Queen’s Bath. This incredible natural landmark calls to visitors from across the map and makes for stunning photos. It’s also a wonderful destination to enjoy when you’re ready to marvel at how Mother Nature works with the tides in truly fascinating ways.

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