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Guide to Surfing in Kauai

Kaua’i doesn’t get enough credit for its waves. Bonzai Pipeline, Sunset, and Waimea Bay in Oahu get a lot of the fame and glory. But Kaua’i can hold its own, too. Check out these spots for surfing in Kauai and tips while you’re here.


Spots for Surfing in Kauai to Try

Anahola Bay, Hanalei Bay, and Kalapaki Beach are all great options for the beginner and advanced surfers coming to Kaua’i. Be aware that winter brings the bigger waves across the island.

Anahola has a large outer reef that protects it from the bigger waves. It gets bonus points for having shade, picnic tables, and campsites.

Hanalei Bay is a great spot for beginner surfing in Kauai, particularly because it’s the home of Hanalei Surf School.

Poipu Beach gets a good variety of waves. It has a good beginner waves called Lemon Drops and two spots good for only experienced surfers, Acid Drop and Heroins.

Kalapaki Beach is protected by Kukii Point and Carter Point. On the south side, there’s Kiahuna Beach, which has a sandy bottom and waist-high water. Experienced surfers can ride Ammonias on the outside. You can learn to surf with nearby Kauai Beach Boys.


Learn to Surf

If you’ve come to Kaua’i to learn to surf, you have plenty of options since it is one of the top Kauai Hawaii things to do. Kaua’i Surf School has been in business since 1999. Instructors teach beginner to intermediate surfers through group and private lessons on Poipu Beach. They also offer kids lessons. Kauai Beach Boys has been owned by the same folks since 1983. The beach boys can teach you how to surf and you can rent gear, including stand-up paddleboards.



You should always check the surf before heading to the beach. There are several ways to check the surf report first. Ask our staff, check the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website, or browse websites like Surfline to get reports on the water. It’s an important step to staying safe and catching great waves.

You’ve probably always dreamed of learning to surf. Don’t wait any longer. Join us in Kaua’i and tick off that box! Call us today to learn more about Kauai Hawaii things to do and to book one of our beautiful vacation rentals.

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