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Want to celebrate the beginning of spring with a tropical vacation? Spend Easter somewhere new this year… how about Kauai? Commonly called “The Garden Island,” Kauai is bursting with greenery everywhere you look, as well as white sandy beaches, beautiful trails, and fun outdoor activities. No matter which part of the island you choose, you’re bound to have a great time when you spend Easter in Kauai!

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Our Kauai Rentals

While visitors to Kauai are often seeking out resort amenities, others want the convenience and comfort of a full kitchen and suite of rooms. With our Kauai rentals, you can have both! Our Kauai properties are mostly located within resort settings, so you’ll enjoy amenities like pools, BBQ grills, tennis courts, and more, while still having your own complete rental unit. Enjoy preparing meals in your own kitchen, anytime of day or night; you’ll save on both time and money if you eat some meals in. Stretch out and relax in your own comfy living room, or on your lanai or deck, taking in beautiful views. Whether you stay at a South Shore resort or an upscale North Shore community, you’ll find that our Kauai Easter rentals cater to your every need.

Sun, Sand, and SUP

Kauai’s beaches boast a wide variety of activities for you to explore. From the stunning scenery of Hanalei Bay on the North Shore, where you can jump off the pier like the locals do, to the black sands of Waimea, where you can glimpse the shore of Niihau in the distance, Kauai’s beaches offer plenty to explore. Be sure to do research and check the surf reports before heading out, however; Kauai’s beaches can be quite dangerous when the surf is big.

Fancy trying a new water sport? Kauai is a fabulous spot to learn stand-up paddling, one of the fastest-growing sports around. You’ll refine your balance and get a great core workout as you explore the ocean from a whole new angle, standing atop it. On Kauai, you’ll even find there are stand-up paddle yoga classes for a whole new challenge! Anini Beach and Hanalei Bay are the most protected spots for SUP on the North Shore—because you need relatively flat water if you’re a beginner! You can also enjoy the fact that Kauai has a rare-in-Hawaii navigable river at Wailua, and you can SUP there on the calm water.

Take to the Skies

So much of Kauai is steep mountains, inaccessible by car or even foot. So why not see it from the air? Helicopter tours are one of the most popular activities for visitors, and it’s not hard to see why. Remember the scene in Jurassic Park where they landed in the helicopter? That was Kauai. Breathtaking waterfalls, sharp green cliffs, gorgeous blue sea; what’s not to love? Be sure to bring your camera, and take in views of the incredible Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of the Pacific), and so much more. You haven’t really seen Kauai, until you’ve seen it from the air!

Head Out to Sea

The other way that Easter in Kauai simply must be experienced is from the ocean. Even if you did hike the full length of the Kalalau trail, you would never be able to get the same view of the breathtaking Na Pali Coast as you can from the ocean. So why miss out on that? Hop aboard a 3- or 4-hour sunset dinner cruise and sit back and relax while you witness some of the most incredible scenery you’ll ever see in your life. View steep green cliffs, waterfalls pouring into the ocean, and inaccessible sea caves; chances are you’ll even sight some dolphins along the way, as well as the tail end of whale season if you visit in spring. There are a variety of companies offering a sunset Na Pali tour, so take your pick, depending on which boat you feel most comfortable with (and whose dinner offerings sound best!). No matter which you choose, it’s sure to be an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Cruise Along the Coastline

For visitors to Kauai’s east side, one particularly fun thing to do is rent bicycles and cruise along the bike path in the town of Kapaa. About six miles from end to end, this multimodal path allows pedestrians and cyclists to access several beaches and take in gorgeous views without having to be anywhere near the main road. Many bike shops in Kapaa will hook you up with what you need for the day’s ride, then it’s your choice of heading north to Kealia and Kuna Beach (beware of current and surf), or south to Lydgate Park, a beach park with some fascinating play structures. Expect to pass several historic points, and keep your eyes peeled for monk seals sleeping right along the path!

Have fun planning your Kauai Easter trip!