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Mahaulepu Beach

You’re lucky to enjoy Mahaulepu Beach for a few reasons. The beach is actually privately owned, but the owners are generous enough to open it to the public. Mahaulepu is ideal for most activities, including snorkeling, swimming, surfing, sunbathing and more. The beach consists of three separate beaches: Gillin’s Beach, Kawaiola Bay and Ha’ula Beach.


Finding the Beach

Being a private beach means Mahaulepu requires a little more elbow grease to get to. The beach is two miles by car from the end of Poipu Road. Travel east on the dirt cane field road to the main cane haul road intersection and turn right. Beach access ends at 6 p.m.


Hike the Mahaulepu Beach Heritage Trail

Not many beaches can boast a hiking trail like Mahaulepu. The Mahaulepu Beach Heritage Trail begins at this beach. You’ll hike from Shipwrecks Beach along sand dunes, lava tubes, and tide pools. The two-mile trail ends at the cliff’s edge with an amazing view of the ocean.


Archeological Wonder

Mahaulepu Beach in Kauai offers archeological and ecological wonders you don’t get a chance to learn about on other more popular beaches on Kaua’i. You can see Mahaulepu’s Cave, a sandstone sinkhole near the Gillin’s Beach. Ongoing research has found the remains of ancient birds and fish as well as ancient artifacts. You can access the cave, also known as Makauwahi Cave, along the Heritage Trail or Gillin’s Beach. On Sunday mornings, a stationed interpreter can educate you about the cave.


A Wild Piece of Coast

Between the waves, wildlife, and rocky cliffs, Mahaulepu Beach in Kauai feels blissfully wild.

Strong trade winds at Mahaulepu Beach mean great wind surfing and kiteboarding, but it also means this beach is better for more experienced swimmers and surfers. In the winter months, humpback whales swim along this stretch of wild coastline. You’ll occasionally find monk seals basking in the sun here.

With the effort it takes to get here, Mahaulepu is often less crowded than other beaches. Kaua’i is rich in archeological history and in marvelous landscapes. With the huge variety in beaches here, you get to choose which suits you best. Call us or visit our website today to learn more about Kaua’i’s beaches and to book your vacation rental today.

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