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Planning Your Kauai Hawaii Vacation

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There are a few things you should know before purchase your tickets to Kaua’i. Knowing a bit about transportation and weather on the island can go a long way. Here are our tips for planning your Kauai Hawaii vacation.

Lihue Airport

Kauai’s main airport is Lihue (LIH). If you hate layovers, there is a way to avoid them on this long trip. Search for these first, because they’ll save you the trouble of having to land in Oahu and wait in the hectic airport lounge.

The island offers several options for shuttles and taxis to and from the airport. Some include Speed-iShuttle, Pono Express and Aloha Spirit Shuttle.

Decide on Transportation

We highly recommend renting a car during your Kauai Hawaii vacation. The island has one road that rings the island (except along the Na Pali Coast), and in most places, it’s a two-lane highway. There are tons of car rental companies on the island, including major companies such as Enterprise and Hertz. For short trips, Uber is a great option.

The Kaua’i Bus operates a public fixed-route bus service and a door-to-door bus service from Hanalei to Kekaha daily.

If you’re over 21, you can rent scooters and motorcycles, both great ways to enjoy the scenery. Kauai Harley-Davidson and Kauai Mopeds are great resources for this.

Pack Appropriately for Your Kauai Hawaii Vacation

With lows in the mid-50s, Kaua’i can get a little chilly. Be aware that the island gets a lot of rain, often in the form of short, random showers. So always pack warm clothing and a jacket, even when you expect warm weather. The south shore is known as the least rainy. The north shore is considered the wettest part. It rains the most between April and July, when it can rain for up to 24 days in a month.

If you plan on hiking, be aware that temperatures drop 3.5-degrees Fahrenheit for every 1,000 feet above sea level. Wear layers.

Know Peak Seasons

Kauai’s peak seasons are from December through early spring, and summer through Labor Day. Warmer weather is wonderful but can bring more tourists. The winter months can bring a lot of rain and wind, but fewer tourists and a less expensive trip.

Call a Service Representative

Our 24/7 concierge service can help you decide how best to spend your time here. Kaua’i is full of beautiful sights and fun adventures, and it can be hard to pack everything into one vacation. Whether you’re spending a weekend or a day here, our specialists can help you plan your vacation. We know the best restaurants, cafes, surf spots, hikes and more. Call us today to get started book your vacation rental and for more Kauai what to do tips!