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Hood River Oregon Activities: Skiing Safety in Hood River

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The slopes around Hood River call to ski enthusiasts from all over the globe. With incredible views and amazing runs, it’s hard to beat a trip Oregon-way when it comes to experiencing the thrills of winter Hood River Oregon activities. While it’s exciting to contemplate your next ski getaway, it’s also important to remember that a successful ski trip is dependent on safety. To make sure your getaway is as great as it can be, be sure to brush up on a few safety reminders to make the most of your time on the slopes.


Pre-Ski Precautions

The majority of skiers will head towards Mt. Hood Meadows for some of the most exhilarating runs this winter when staying in Hood River. Before you go, make sure not to forget those personal care details that can make or break your time away from home. To avoid pulled or strained muscles on the mountain, be sure to train properly for your trip well in advance of your travel date. A quick visit to the doctor to make sure you’re heart healthy and ready to hit the slopes is always advisable.


Dress for Slope-Side Success

Those who ski frequently would agree that the key to an enjoyable day on fresh powder is being prepared for any and all weather conditions. Things can change quickly between base camp and the top of the slopes. To stay comfortable, safe and enjoy your adventure, make sure to dress in layers. Winter essentials such as gloves, hats, water resistant pants and googles are must have gear before you go. If you aren’t sure what else you may need, don’t hesitate to ask lodge experts or rental gear staff for tips and advice.


Easy to Forget Extras

In all of the excitement of planning a your winter Hood River Oregon activities, it’s easy to forget some of those essential points that keep you on track and having an amazing time. In the event you run into trouble on the slopes, it’s important to know what to do. Being aware of each ski area’s code of responsibility and safety ordinance is a good guideline for responding to any emergency that may arise. Always keep a trail map handy for instances when you may need to contact ski patrol or locate a nearby clinic. Taking time to review these maps will keep you up to date on any slope closures or off-limit areas due to threats of avalanche. Having these important pieces of information easily accessible will ensure a great day of skiing and an overall amazing and a safe adventure.


Where to Stay After a Day of Hood River Oregon Activities

After an incredible day on the slopes, you’ll want to be sure to be coming home to a vacation rental that provides all of the cozy luxurious you deserve. Let the team of professionals at Arrived set you up with a property that delivers above and beyond amenities to finish off those mountain-side days the right way. Contact us to get started planning your getaway and to learn more about Hood River Oregon activities!

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