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Simon’s Cliff House Restaurant

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The Columbia Gorge Hotel and Spa is a well-recognized landmark along the banks of the Columbia River. Known for its splendor and towering manor-style architecture, it’s a destination that delivers both luxury and old-world sentiment in a single glance. Hosting decadent rooms, romantic gardens and unsurpassed views of the Gorge and surrounding wonders, The Columbia Gorge Hotel is also home to one of the most delicious gems in the city known as Simon’s Cliff House restaurant. When it comes to dining, Simon’s takes the time to offer up a refined and relaxing experience no matter what time of day you happen to drop by. The perfect addition to this boutique hotel perched in the midst of such a scenic locale, Simon’s consistently delivers on quality, taste and atmosphere.


Elegant and Tasteful

Featuring a meticulously selected array of savory menu items, Simon’s Cliff House Columbia Gorge Hotel is recognized for its unique blend of American dishes with evident European influences. Open to paying guests and visitors who aren’t book at the hotel as well, Simon’s is an elegant yet accessible place to meet and mingle. Soft lighting, plush chairs and wide windows open to the view below provide the perfect backdrop from enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner at Simon’s.


Specialties at Simon’s Cliff House Restaurant

While the breakfast menu at Simon’s Cliff House Restaurant is made to impress with choices from granola parfaits to melt in your melt omelets, it’s the dinner selection that keeps customer coming back again. Prawns and caviar start you off with a touch of luxury all soaked in a dill cream sauce. Fish lovers will want to move forward with the Columbia River Salmon while those with a taste for the coastal favorites will want to try the lobster. Cornish hen and lamb chops are readily available but those who desire something robust will want to make sure to order the tender steak filet. Wild rice and roasted potatoes make for a decadent side dish that puts the finishing touches on your meal.


Valentino Bar

Your appetite deserves to be balanced out by an incredible drink selection and Simon’s Cliff House Columbia Gorge Hotel counterpart, Valentino Bar brings the best. Spread your beverage wings and try a creative cocktail by ordering a Creamsicle or Milky Way concoction. Irish coffee is a fan-favorite at this bar but can easily be switched out for a standard wine, beer or sparkling selection upon request. With a speakeasy vibe, Valentino is the perfect compliment to the elegant dining experience of Simon’s Cliff House, all within the walls of the greater Columbia Gorge Hotel.

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