Do you want a cozy and small home for a romantic Hood River vacation for you and another couple? Or maybe you are looking for a spacious home that is big enough for your immediate family to have a relaxing and fun-filled vacation. If this sounds like what you are going for, then you are going to love our Devon Court Hood River property from Arrived.

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Devon Court is a sprawling, two-bedroom, two-bathroom house that has tons of space for up to 4 people. Not only can you bring your kids without worrying about being too cramped in a tiny hotel room, but this house is also dog-friendly for your beloved Fido!

As soon as you enter Devon Court, you will marvel at the large open floor plan, wooden flooring, cozy furnishings, ample common space, and modern stainless steel amenities. The kitchen features a granite countertop, white cabinets for storing food, new appliances for making quick dinners, and a dining room table that is plenty big for you and your family. The wooden dining room table and four chairs are great for serving extravagant dinners or having a nice and easy breakfast before starting your day.

Plus, you can walk outside and access your private outdoor space just a few steps from the open floor plan and spacious kitchen. The outdoor space is great for playing outside in the backyard with your dog, bringing your children outside for a game of catch with a frisbee, or tanning on a hot summer day.

Once you have spent an entire day out and about in the local area, you might want to come back home for a midday nap or movie with your kids. The living room of this Hood River property features a large couch with tons of padding, a wooden coffee table for serving snacks or drinks, a stone fireplace that adds warmth to the common area, and smart TV that is great for watching a movie or Netflix shows to unwind and destress.

Last but not least, there is a master bedroom with a full bed and attached toilet and shower for washing off after a long day of hiking, skiing, or exploring the town. And don’t worry — your guests will love their cozy and comfortable full bed and combination tub/shower in their very own private space! We guarantee that every guest here will feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready to tackle a fun-filled Hood River vacation.

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