Hawaii is one of the most picturesque and beautiful locations in the entire world. It is no wonder that tourists flock here from all over to experience the warm locals, friendly culture, beautiful coastline, bright blue waters, endless surf sessions, fresh seafood, and numerous hiking trails!

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And the good part is, we have the ideal spot for you and your best friends to stay. Check out Ali‘i Kai 7204, a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom house that can easily fit you and up to 3 other guests. Not only will you each have your own space to kick back and relax, but this condo offers tons of common space, cozy furnishings, and great views from your private balcony that you can enjoy together.

This condo features neutral color tones, cool artwork, and bright natural lighting that makes the Hawaii vacation property feel even bigger than it already is. Head into the living room and lie down on one of the plush and cozy couches, gazing out at the bright blue water and lush trees right outside of your window. You can also sit in the singular chair, prop your feet up on the coffee table, and read a book in the heat of the afternoon.

If you want to make a quick snack for you and your guests, walk just a few steps into the nearby modern kitchen. Use the granite counter space, microwave, toaster, freezer, refrigerator, stove, or oven to make a few appetizers or a five-course meal in no time at all! Even people who do not enjoy spending hours and hours slaving away over dinner will love using the functional and spacious kitchen.

After exploring the nearby area, walking around Turtle Reef, Queen’s Bath, and the downtown area, it may be time to hit the hay and get a good night of sleep before heading to Hideaways Beach the next day! Retire to one of the two bedrooms to cozy up in the plush bedding and spread out in the large king-sized bed.

Plus, our condo has tons of amenities that make our Hawaii vacation property SO much better than a sterile hotel or drab Airbnb. We offer free Wi-Fi so you can work remotely during your stay, a barbecue to cook up a picnic lunch for the beach, a washer and dryer to keep your bathing suit feeling fresh, and a community pool to cool off during the hot summer days!

As you can see, Ali‘i Kai 7204 has it all!

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