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Hotel vs Bend OR Vacation Rental- What You Should Know

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When it’s time to hit the road or soar the skies in the name of a grand getaway vacation, a big part of your experience is going to come down to accommodations. An ill-fitting abode can cause stress even in the most beautiful of destinations. When you’re getting out of town and looking to stay far away from those frustrating no-vacancy signs, or rooms that just don’t meet your expectations, try a Bend OR vacation rental and experience the undeniable difference.

The Luxury of Choice

While traditional hotels may offer up the option to upgrade to a bigger room size, beyond standard dimensions there’s not much that can be done to make personal choice a priority. This may be the biggest difference when it comes to booking a vacation rental. Working with a vast selection of properties in a desired area, a vacation rental gives visitors the option of choosing between drastically different atmospheres, areas and designs. Whether you’re looking for a rustic cabin near the lake, or a high-rise condo overlooking a sparkling, urban landscape a vacation rental can be found to match your personal taste and style.

Customized Details at Your Bend Oregon Rental

The traditional hotel model includes the basics, but even those convenient coffee makers come from a cookie cutter brand name line. Booking a Bend Oregon rental allows guests to customize their experience based on who you’re traveling with and what you’re hoping to do while you’re there. Vacation rental properties often come with those desired extras that take your trip over the top. Don’t hesitate when you’re looking for a pool, hot tub, spacious patio for grilling or luxuriously sprawling kitchen for culinary creation. When it comes to vacation rentals, variety is priority and customizing your stay is a part of the package.

Personalized Service

Let’s face it, part of the fun of staying away from home is that feeling of luxurious personalization. Nobody wants to feel like a number and exclusivity can take a stay from good to great in no time at all. While a traditional hotel may offer standard cleaning services and a public guest pool, booking a Bend Oregon rental gives you an experience in hospitality that is truly personalized. Book a vacation rental with a pool or spa knowing that it’s yours alone for the duration of your stay. Choosing a vacation rental with the view of your dreams ensures you’ll be the sole resident on that incredible balcony with an unobstructed vantage point. If you’re truly in the mood for a luxurious getaway, vacation rentals can often be booked with personal chefs as part of the experience. If you can imagine it, there’s a vacation rental out there that can provide an unsurpassed level of personalized service and serenity.

Finding Home Away from Home

The next time you travel, make sure that Arrived is working with you to find that pristine, personalized Bend OR vacation rental you’ve been dreaming of! From Hawaii to Oregon, Washington, and many sunny California destinations in between, our experts are ready and waiting to make your requests a reality. From cabins to condos, luxurious estates to charming studios, we’ll make sure your vacation comes with accommodations to match your style. Contact us today to plan your next amazing getaway!

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